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2018 and 2019 Bridges Annual Meeting

2020 and 2021 Bridges Annual Meeting

2017 Bridges Annual Meeting

Stem Cells for Lung Diseases – Overcoming Barriers to Find New Therapies

UCSD Division of Regenerative Medicine and CIRM Alpha Clinics Network Symposium

2016 CIRM Bridges & SPARK Meetings

Summer Training and Research Inspiration for Diverse Pipeline Engagement toward Advancing Stem Cell Treatment (STRIDE)

CIRM SPARK – UCR STRIDE (Summer Training and Research Inspiration for Diverse Pipeline Engagement toward Advancing Stem Cell Treatment) program is a 5-week summer research and training program with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and equality, building on the strength and excellent records of University of California Riverside (UCR) in recruiting, retaining, and training diverse […]

Stem Cell Summer Research Experiences

Through this training program, 50 high school students from backgrounds underrepresented in the sciences will pursue summer research projects in stem cell biology at a major research university. Students will spend the bulk of their summer conducting research under the guidance of a mentor scientist. To prepare them for success in the program, they will […]

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine- High School Summer Research Internship

The proposed research internship will strengthen the future of stem cell research in California by providing California high school students the exciting opportunity to experience hands-on research in various areas within stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. The internship aims to recruit a diverse group of participants from underrepresented ethnicities and/or low socioeconomic backgrounds. Participating […]

Internship at a Cutting Edge CIRM-funded Stem Cell Research Facility

The CIRM Accelerate Regenerative Medicine Knowledge (SPARK) Program is a motivating, stimulating and rewarding experience encouraging young people from the State of California to enter the field of stem cell biology and research. This has been proven in our Stem Cell Program by ten years of summer internships, starting with a pilot program conducted with […]