Project Objective: Tool/Resources/Bottleneck

Enhancing California’s Manufacturing of Leading-Edge Cell & Gene Therapies

We will implement a new staffing model, training regimen, electronic quality management system, and outreach activities to overcome current bottlenecks and provide the foundation for manufacturing the pipeline of cell and gene therapies under development to bring treatments and cures to patients. This project tackles current bottlenecks in manufacturing for cell and gene therapies and […]

Scalable Expansion for Stem Cell-derived Therapies

Succesful completion of this proposal will identify a scalable process that supports iPSC expansion, T cell expansion, and cardiomyocyte maturation / expansion that is ready for validation in a large scale bioreactor (25 – 2000L) and tech transfer to GMP manufacturing. Creating low cost scalable allogeneic therapies democratizes cell and gene therapy modalities, allowing for […]

Laboratory for Cell and Gene Medicine: A partner in the California Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing Network

The Stanford LCGM supports process development and manufacturing for investigator initiated and select industry partner clinical trials. The objective of our proposal is to complete our project plan and enhance the LCGM value proposition positioning us competitively for the phase two funding period. A major roadblock in stem cell therapies is confirming efficacy in patients. […]

Open Manufacturing Network for Cell and Gene Therapies

This project will establish an open-source network to share new cellular engineering platforms across manufacturing facilities; expand our non-viral engineering approaches to improve product safety and efficacy; and formalize our GMP training programs for students, staff, and leadership positions. This project will implement new non-viral engineering platforms to improve cell therapy safety and efficacy, and […]

A comprehensive biomanufacturing center solving bottlenecks in cell and gene therapy manufacturing to accelerate new therapies for California patients

We aim to considerably expand access for all Californians to outstanding cell and gene therapy treatments for multiple patients. With operational enhancements to develop diverse talent from underserved communities, our GMP facility will advance all aspects of biomanufacturing within the network. As part of the Cell and Gene Therapy (CGT) Manufacturing Network, we will bring […]

Characterization and applications of human blastoids for understanding early human embryogenesis

Research Objective Our work will yield an improved stem-cell based embryo model that we will explore with various omics approaches and genetic screens to gain insights into the pathways that control human embryos. Impact An improved stem cell-based embryo model is a crucial step for in-depth studies of human development and will enhance our ability […]

An interactive data resource for hypothesis testing in stem cell single-cell gene expression and validation of the results with brain organoids

Research Objective We are building a "virtual molecular microscope" where anyone can quickly visualize a very recent, high-throughput molecular assay, single-cell RNA-seq and spatial gene expression studies Impact Currently, a lot of data has been published, hundreds of datasets on the cerebral cortex alone, but it takes hours to convert the datasets and look at […]

Overcoming barriers for airway stem cell gene therapy for Cystic Fibrosis

Research Objective This research will allow the targeting of airway stem cells for long lived gene therapy for Cystic Fibrosis and for other airway diseases Impact We will overcome the barriers to accessing airway basal stem cells for gene correction for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and use a new gene correction strategy to correct >99% of […]

Modeling Retinitis Pigmentosa using patient-derived human iPSC organoids

Research Objective The objective of this proposal is to develop a human retinal organoid model of adRP to gain insights in pathogenesis and assess clinically relevant approaches to restore RHO protein function. Impact Upon successful completion of this study, we will have established a disease-in-a-dish model and a novel therapeutic approach towards management of the […]

Engineering pluripotent stem cells for universally available, off-the-shelf T cell therapies

Research Objective Our goal is to develop new gene editing methods for producing universal, off-the-shelf, therapeutic T cells from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) that can be applied to a range of diseases. Impact We will develop new gene editing approaches to overcome the block to T cell development from iPSC that occurs when key […]

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