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Optimization of a human interneuron cell therapy for traumatic brain injury
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Project Objective: 
  • To establish feasibility of human a iPSC-derived medial ganglionic eminence progenitor cell candidate for the treatment of traumatic brain injury that is ready for translational stage activities.
Disease Focus: 
Neurological Disorders
Traumatic Brain Injury
Human Stem Cell Use: 
iPS Cell
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Progress Reports

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Year 1

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  • Optimization of a human interneuron cell therapy for traumatic brain injury
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Research Objective

A cell therapy product comprised of inhibitory neurons that can migrate, integrate and restore neurologic function after traumatic brain injury.


Traumatic brain injury

Major Proposed Activities

  • Examine the most effective dose and safety profile of human iPSC-derived MGE cells grafted into rodent hippocampus.
  • Determine whether human iPSC-derived MGE cells mature into appropriate cortical interneurons in the traumatically injured brain
  • Evaluate the effect of human GABA neurons on synaptic activity in the injured brain
  • Evaluate the therapeutic potential of human-derived interneurons
Statement of Benefit to California: 

Nearly 6 million Americans - including 700,000 Californians - live with permanent physical or mental health problems resulting from a traumatic brain injury, but there are no treatments. We propose studies to create a cell therapy product that is capable of restoring neurologic function to these patients.