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Manage the 2024 CIRM Annual Trainee Network Conference

IDEA-CBMS – Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences

The scientific initiatives for advancing stem cell and regenerative medicine towards new therapeutics to treat human disease are being led by the state of California. These therapies are critical to society and the initiatives are driving future innovations in Biomedical sciences. As we move forward, there’s an unequivocal need for a robust talent development pipeline […]

USC COMPASS: Guiding Undergraduates to Careers in Regenerative Medicine

Having diverse perspectives, providing equitable access, and building inclusive cultures are critical components to preparing a workforce prepared to tackle the clinical challenges of tomorrow. USC is committed to serving as a leader in both regenerative medicine and in diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is in the spirit of this leadership that USC will launch […]

The COMPASS Scholars Program – Developing Today’s Untapped Talent into Tomorrow’s STEM Cell Researchers

As a public land grant institution, mandated to serve all segments of California’s diverse population, the STEM community at this University has not seen equitable outcomes for its majors from the diversity of backgrounds represented among its undergraduates. Here and elsewhere, STEM culture relies heavily on the quantitative assessment of talent (e.g., GPA, standardized test […]

COMPASS: Accelerating Stem Cell Research by Educating and Empowering New Stem Cell Researchers

The COMPASS Program will provide scholars with opportunities to study the latest advances in stem cell biology, development and disease modelling, present their own work in a setting in which they can obtain constructive criticism, interact with their peers and training faculty in formal and informal forums, and meet leaders in the field. Our goal […]

Training and mentorship program in stem cell biology and engineering: A COMPASS for the future

The program will train tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of stem cell biology, gene therapy and regenerative medicine. COMPASS scholars recruited from diverse backgrounds will receive state of the art training in these exciting disciplines, which have the potential to address unmet medical needs in the state of California. Current efforts are underway to used […]

A COMPASS to guide the growth of a diverse regenerative medicine workforce that represents California and benefits the world

Our COMPASS Scholars Program will provide numerous benefits to the state of California and its citizens. First, approximately 25 Scholars, who may not have otherwise had the resources or “cultural capital” to attend or thrive at our university, will receive the finances and support necessary to enroll in our program, where they will complete courses, […]

Training Undergraduates in Stem Cell Engineering and Biology (TUSCEB)

Our proposed training program will benefit the State of California and its citizens at several levels. This program will create the workforce necessary to support stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine. This, in turn, will be the springboard for improvements in health care, increase in tax revenues, and improvements in education for California residents. Our […]

Inclusive Pathways for a Stem Cell Scholar (iPSCS) Undergraduate Training Program

The program will benefit the State of California by developing a comprehensive program focused on stem cell and regenerative medicine training to prepare a broadly inclusive, well-trained science and engineering workforce. It focuses on developing interdisciplinary and diverse career paths through instruction in principles of molecular biology, cell and developmental biology, data science, and supplemental […]

COMPASS Program for Southern California Hispanic Serving Institution

California is a leader in advancing stem cell and regenerative medicine and the field is progressing rapidly towards viable therapies and cures for human disease. In order to continue to accelerate this progress and drive future innovation, we must provide a pipeline for the training and development of a diverse pool of stem cell scientists. […]

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