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A Multidisciplinary Stem Cell Training Program at Sanford Burnham Prebys Institute, A Critical Component of the La Jolla Mesa Educational Network

California will benefit from the trainees (pre-doctoral, post-doctoral, & clinical) who graduate this unique, intensive, multi-disciplinary, collaborative, translational Training Program: 1. Patients will benefit from improved therapies. The training program will produce highly-skilled, rigorous stem cell & regenerative medicine scientists & clinicians, who will expand the pool of researchers in California working towards the development […]

Scholars Research Training Program in Regenerative Medicine, Gene Therapy, and Stem Cell Research

We envision that the citizens of the state of California will benefit in many ways from our university’s proposed Scholars Training Program for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical scientists. Collectively, the basic research, translational strategies, and clinical therapies that emerge from the work of our university’s California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) funded trainees […]

Training Scholars in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

The proposed research and training program will provide interdisciplinary training for a diverse group of graduate and postdoctoral fellows in regenerative medicine with the goal of advancing stem cell research and increasing the number of scientific leaders and researchers in stem cell research. The program will give trainees a well-rounded understanding of regenerative medicine approaches, […]

Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Training Grant at UCSD III

This training opportunity will bring the following benefits to California: 1-Training the next generation of stem cell biologists. The strength of our commitment to research training, the value of our experience, and the positive effect of strong mentoring is manifest in the success of our past group of CIRM trainees, who have published an outstanding […]

CIRM Training Program for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Research

This CIRM Training Program will support 6 PhD Post-Doctoral and 3 MD Clinical Fellows every year to conduct research in stem cell and regenerative medicine. In the past 15 years, interdisciplinary research in stem cell and regenerative medicine has made significant impact on California’s workforce. A unique focus of this training program is to advance […]

CIRM Cell and Gene Therapy Training Program 2.0

The CIRM Scholar Research Training Program will provide significant benefit to the State of California and its citizens in the following ways: • Train diverse scholars to be the next generation of regenerative medicine leaders, advancing basic, translational, and clinical research and serving as mentors for future generations of scholars. • Develop diverse team-oriented investigators […]

Training the Next Generation of Biologists and Engineers for Regenerative Medicine

Education is the engine of California’s innovation economy. The proposed program will benefit the people of California by helping to develop a brilliant and diverse group of young scientists into the next generation of leaders in regenerative medicine and biotechnology, who will communicate effectively with the general public, contribute to educational and healthcare equity for […]

CIRM Scholar Training Program

Our CIRM Scholar Training Program provides many benefits to the citizens of the state of California who generously fund CIRM through their tax dollars. First and foremost, our program has already contributed and will continue to enhance the core mission of CIRM: To accelerate the development of cellular-based therapies that will address unmet medical needs […]

Research Training Program in Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

The fields of stem cell research, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine are rapidly expanding and promise to have a significant impact on the healthcare and the economy of states and countries. We share with CIRM the mission of accelerating stem cell therapies to meet the medical needs of the people of California. Our Institution is […]

CIRM Regenerative Medicine Research Training Program

A major goal of regenerative medicine is to repair damaged tissue. Our CIRM scholars have research programs that focus on developing new methods to differentiate human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into specific cell types for regeneration of diseased tissues. Our program will benefit the California economy by training highly skilled scientists who will take […]