Program Type: Education

Training Program in Stem Cell Research at UCSF

Our goal is to continue the Type I CIRM-funded Comprehensive Training Program that was established at this institution nearly 3 years ago. Specifically, we want to support 6 graduate students, 6 postdoctoral (Ph.D.) fellows, and 4 clinician-scientists (M.D. and or Ph.D.). We provide a unique training environment for students at all levels who are pursuing […]

Interdisciplinary Training in Stem Cell Biology, Engineering and Medicine

This proposed Comprehensive Training Program will include 16 CIRM Scholars, three clinical fellows, eight postdoctoral fellows, and five pre-doctoral fellows. Our multidisciplinary program will provide training opportunities in stem cell biology, engineering, and medicine, with a focus on applying stem cell research toward the goal of treating human disease. Coursework offered as a part of […]

CIRM Stem Cell Biology Training Program

This is a proposal to renew funding for the host institution’s Type I Comprehensive Training Program in Stem Cell Biology. Since funding was first applied for in the summer of 2005, stem cell research at the host institution has undergone a major transformation: a center for regenerative medicine and stem cell research was established, and […]

Training in the Biology of Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Emerging Technologies II

Stem cells are the primitive cells that give rise to the different tissue types in the body. In a way, stem cells are the universal cells from which all cells are derived. Their unlimited proliferation and differentiation potential raises the prospect that stem cells could be used as therapeutic tools offering hope for millions who […]

UCSC CIRM Training Program in Systems Biology of Stem cells

We propose a CIRM Training Program in Systems Biology of Stem Cells featuring formal and supplemental education in a collaborative, interdisciplinary biomedical research environment. As part of the Institute for Biology of Stem Cells, this program brings together the unique strengths of faculty with expertise in key areas for advancing basic stem cell research. Our […]

UCI-CIRM Research Training Program II

Here we propose a comprehensive doctoral, postdoctoral and clinical researcher training program designed to develop the next generation of researchers in the field of regenerative medicine. This field, which is centered around the comprehensive understanding, use and manipulation of stem and progenitor cells, promises to revolutionize the way that human diseases and disorders are treated. […]

City of Hope Research Training Program in Stem Cell Biology

The mission of the Research Training Program in Stem Cell Biology is to train CIRM Scholars scientists at the predoctoral and postdoctoral levels in the fundamental biology of stem cells and strategies for translating this knowledge towards treatment of diseases. By developing effective scientists and leaders in the stem cell field, this training will enhance […]