Training Scholars in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

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Training Scholars in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

Statement of Benefit to California:
The proposed research and training program will provide interdisciplinary training for a diverse group of graduate and postdoctoral fellows in regenerative medicine with the goal of advancing stem cell research and increasing the number of scientific leaders and researchers in stem cell research. The program will give trainees a well-rounded understanding of regenerative medicine approaches, stem cell biology, therapeutic development, and their clinical and ethical implications. Trainees will not only gain experience in chemistry and biology, but also have the opportunity to engage with translational research and precision and digital medicine. The activities enabled by this training program will provide trainees a unique approach and set of tools with which to subsequently pursue regenerative medicine and stem cell biology in basic research, biotechnology or pharmaceutical enterprises. Trainees will engage in a variety of outreach activities to educate the local community on topics relating to regenerative medicine, with the goal of reducing disparities and disproportionate access to science. We expect that these trainees will become the future scientific leaders and researchers in the field of regenerative medicine who will address critical unmet medical needs using stem cell and regenerative medicine-based therapies for the benefit of the public. The State of California will benefit not only from the scientific and therapeutic advances that trainees will make, but also the cultivation of talented young people in the field and development of a well-trained workforce.