Targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells with DDR1 antibodies.

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Targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells with DDR1 antibodies.

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Research Objective

A therapeutic antibody to DDR1 for targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells to overcome resistance to chemotherapy and potentiate the treatment of advanced cancer.


PDAC is lethal cancer that poorly responds chemotherapy to which it becomes resistant. DDR1 antagonistic Abs should improve chemotherapy responsiveness and may cause tumor regression as a monotherapy.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Generate monoclonal antibodies to the pancreatic cancer stem cell protein DDR1.
  • Identify those antibodies that are most effective in blocking DDR1 function.
  • Confirm that these antibodies preferentially target and destroy pancreatic cancer stem cells.
  • Confirm that these antibodies shrink human pancreatic cancers cells grown in mice by killing pancreatic cancer stem cells.
  • Select a therapeutic candidate and improve its pharmacological properties.
Statement of Benefit to California:
Pancreatic cancer (PDAC) is lethal and a leading cause of cancer deaths in California. PDAC is often detected too late when treatment prospects are poor, and few patients qualify for resection. African Americans and Hispanics are at a higher PDAC risk with limited access to high quality care. We will develop on antibody for destroying PDAC stem cells and preventing resistance to standard chemotherapy. The product of our research could reduce pancreatic cancer mortality and economic burden.