Disease Focus: Pancreatic Cancer

Targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells with DDR1 antibodies.

Research Objective A therapeutic antibody to DDR1 for targeting pancreatic cancer stem cells to overcome resistance to chemotherapy and potentiate the treatment of advanced cancer. Impact PDAC is lethal cancer that poorly responds chemotherapy to which it becomes resistant. DDR1 antagonistic Abs should improve chemotherapy responsiveness and may cause tumor regression as a monotherapy. Major […]

Targeting Critical Regulators of Cancer Stem Cells

Research Objective We will develop a small molecule inhibitor that blocks the growth of human pancreatic cancer and AML cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo. Impact This work will lead to a new treatment for cancer stem cell driven diseases such as AML and pancreatic cancer. In addition, it will improve the prognosis […]

Human Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells: Developing a Novel Drug for Cancer Eradication

Research Objective We will use human pancreatic cancer (PC) stem cells to show 1 inhibits proliferation, self-renewal and cell viability. This paradigm is transformational for anti-cancer drug discovery for patients. Impact Pancreatic cancer (PC) kills >40,000/yr in the US. PC is a major unmet medical need. Use of PC stem cells in development of 1 […]