IND-Enabling activities for the masked immunocytokine, QXL138AM

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IND-Enabling activities for the masked immunocytokine, QXL138AM

Public Abstract:
Therapeutic Candidate or Device

QXL138AM: A Masked Immunocytokine comprising an anti-CD138 antibody fused to interferon alpha 2b, with a protease cleavable peptide mask


QXL138AM is for the treatment of advanced or metastatic solid tumors with CD138 expression and multiple myeloma

Therapeutic Mechanism

The antibody targets the tumor antigen, CD138, on the surface of tumor cells. Holding QXL138AM on the surface until proteases can cleave off the mask, activating the interferon alpha 2b (IFNA2b). The active IFNA2b will then cause direct tumor cell killing as well as induce both innate and adaptive immune systems against the tumor.

Unmet Medical Need

Advanced and metastatic solid tumors and multiple myeloma are still largely incurable for the majority of patients, resulting in death in over 400,000 US residents in 2022 in indications with >50% frequency of CD138 expression

Project Objective

Investigational New Drug (IND) completed/approved

Major Proposed Activities

  • Manufacturing QXL138AM for phase 1 clinical study
  • Translational research to evaluate optimal tumor indications and potential prognostic biomarkers
  • Clinical site assessment, selection, and preparation
Statement of Benefit to California:
Successful completion of the proposed research would allow clinical testing of a novel anti-tumor therapeutic with great potential to extend and improve the lives of California citizens. Increasing the productive life-span of citizens will also help support California businesses and tax revenue. Finally the grant funds will largely be spent on supporting employees that are California residents and organizations that employ California citizens.