Novel Rejuvenated T Cell Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer

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Novel Rejuvenated T Cell Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer

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Research Objective

Through this project, we would like to evaluate how this T-iPSC-based immunotherapy that we have developed can eliminate lung cancer cells effectively in vivo using xenografted SCID mice.


This novel T-iPSC-based immunotherapy will provide another effective treatment for lung cancer and possible other malignancies by supplying unlimited number of young and active CTLs.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Peptides synthesis for EGFR mutation hot spots and selection of the peptides with affinity binding assay
  • Patient lung cancer/ blood cell culture and xenograft establishment in SCID mice for establishing tumor model
  • Peptide responsive T cell selection, IPS induction and T cell redifferentiation and expansion (rejCTL) for cell-based immunotherapy
  • transfusion of patient specific rejCTL cells into lung cancer grafted mice to treat tumors
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of rejCTL cell therapy by observing tumor sizes in xenografted mice
  • Statistical analysis and conclusion for this novel cell-based cancer treatment and contact FDA for initiation of a clinical trial
Statement of Benefit to California:
Lung cancer is known to cause the highest fatality rate. California State and citizens suffer similarly as the US and worldwide do. A fairly common HLA allele, e.g. HLA A0201 presents in up to 50% of California populations. Thus, we can provide an ‘off the shelf’ therapy for most of cancer patients. As a California based institute, we will succeed this research and pioneer this frontier cell- based immunotherapy, and conduct a possible clinical trial through CIRM funding.