Building a hiPSC-based biopacemaker

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Building a hiPSC-based biopacemaker

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Research Objective

A proof-of-concept biopacemaker constructed by bioprinting hiPSC-derived pacemaking cells and support cells based on the blueprint of the native pacemaking tissue of a large mammalian heart.


A hiPSC-based biopacemaker bioprinted using a design of the native pacemaking tissue in the heart, with protective electrical and mechanical insulations, can better sustain the pacemaking function.

Major Proposed Activities

  • To make a template for bioprinting hiPSC-based biopacemaker based on the native pacemaking tissue of a large mammalian heart
  • To develop two bioinks composed of hiPSC-derived cardiac cells for bioprinting biopacemakers
  • To optimize the printing conditions for the bioprinter
  • To characterize and assess the function of bioprinted biopacemakers
  • To test the longevity of the biopacemakers subjected to cyclic stretch in a small animal
Statement of Benefit to California:
Over 350,000 patients a year in the U.S. require an electronic pacemaker to restore their heart rhythm. The annual healthcare burden amounts to $20 billion. Repeated surgeries to replace battery and electrical parts generate additional costs and suffering for patients. A bioprinted hiPSC-based biopacemaker can overcome limitations associated with electronic pacemakers, improve the quality of life for the pacemaker recipient, and reduce the cumulative health care costs.