Allogeneic iPSC derived Dopaminergic Drug Product for Parkinson’s disease

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Allogeneic iPSC derived Dopaminergic Drug Product for Parkinson's disease

Public Abstract:
Therapeutic Candidate or Device

Allogeneic iPSC derived dopamine progenitors delivered to the brain of Parkinson's disease patients


Idiopathic Parkinson's disease

Therapeutic Mechanism

The cellular product reconstitutes dopaminergic neuron circuits lost owing to the disease

Unmet Medical Need

There are currently disease modifying therapies. This approach is intended to be disease modifying.

Project Objective

To submit and have an IND cleared.

Major Proposed Activities

  • FDA requested non-human primate study of cells delivered to brain with device
  • FDA requested glial maturation assay development
  • FDA recommended single cell RNA sequencing data
Statement of Benefit to California:
If successful the California based Ryne Bio's cellular drug product, RNDP-001, will be available to treat and modify disease of Parkinson's patients in California including in areas historically underserved. Ryne anticipates establishing its headquarters and hiring in California with the potential to have economic benefit through job creation.