Disease Focus: Bone or Cartilage Disease

Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Chondroprogenitor Cells to Repair Osteochondral Defects

Surgical approaches to the treatment of focal cartilage defects can be classified into repair, replacement, and regeneration therapies. Marrow stimulation procedures such as microfracture result in a repair tissue that is predominantly fibrocartilaginous in nature, which is mechanically less durable than articular cartilage and survives on average 7 years before requiring another procedure. Osteochondral grafting […]

Multi-modal technology for non-destructive characterization of bioengineered tissues

Stem cell technologies hold great promise for engineering replacement tissues for repairing functional loss from trauma or disease. Such therapies are particularly important for replacing bone and cartilage in the aging population to maintain an active quality of life. However, the application of stem cells to generate individualized implantable grafts suffers from patient-to-patient variability that […]

Injectable Macroporous Matrices to Enhance Stem Cell Engraftment and Survival

Despite the great promise stem cells hold for regenerative medicine, the efficacy of stem cell-based therapies is greatly limited by poor cell engraftment and survival. To overcome this major bottleneck, the goal of this proposal is to validate the efficacy of novel microribbon (┬ÁRB)-based scaffolds for cell delivery. These scaffolds combine the injectability and cell […]

Jill Helms, Stanford – CIRM Stem Cell #SciencePitch

Edward Hsiao, UCSF – CIRM Stem Cell #SciencePitch

Songtao Shi, USC – CIRM Stem Cell #SciencePitch

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Healing Bones with Stem Cells at UC Davis – Intro: CIRM Spotlight on Disease

On March 21, 2012, the CIRM board governing heard from UC Davis researchers who are using bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells to develop new methods for repairing bone deformities and non-healing bone fractures. A clinical trial participant who has benefited from these new methods also spoke. In this video, Claire Pomeroy, vice chancellor of […]

Healing Bones with Stem Cells at UC Davis – Kent Leach: CIRM Spotlight on Disease

The current gold standard for treating non-healing bone fractures and diseases is to graft bone from a healthy part of the body. However, in many cases this method is not sufficient, such as the failed bone grafts for movie critic Roger Ebert, who lost his lower jaw from cancer. Dr. Kent Leach, associate professor of […]

Healing Bones with Stem Cells at UC Davis – Mark Lee: CIRM Spotlight on Disease

Severe bone fractures can lead to such massive bone loss that realigning and fixing the bone with implants is not enough to heal the bone. In these cases, the trauma victim is left with chronic pain and non-functioning limbs. Dr. Mark Lee, an orthopedic surgeon at the UC Davis School of Medicine, is developing new […]

Stem Cell Clinical Trial for Broken Bones – A Patient’s Story: CIRM Spotlight on Disease

For Diane Souza, working on her 23 acre ranch in Northern California is a labor of love. But an accident in 2011 left her with a broken arm that would not heal. Souza was faced with the possibility of having only one working arm. Not wanting to give up her ranch life, she entered a […]