Video Topic: CIRM News Briefs

Stem Cell Awareness Day 2009

On September 23rd 2009, the world celebrated Stem Cell Awareness Day. In California, scientists across the state visited high schools to teach students about the recent advances in stem cell research and the future promise of stem cell-based therapies. Ellen Robey, a professor of immunology and pathogenesis at the University of California, Berkeley, spoke to […]

Neural Stem Cells Reverse Alzheimer’s-Like Symptoms

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have reversed Alzheimers-like symptoms in mouse models of the disease with injections of neural stem cells. Read more about Alzheimer’s disease and see a list of all Alzheimer’s disease awards on our Alzheimer’s fact sheet.

Genetic Molecule Enables Safer Method For Creating iPS Cells

Researchers funded by CIRM developed a novel way of generating induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. The technique involves a genetic molecule called a microRNA to activate genes required to reprogram the adult cell to a state similar to an embryonic stem cell. The authors think microRNAs could make existing methods for creating those cells – […]

Obama Inauguration: A Positive Change in Federal Stem Cell Research Policies

Todd Dubnicoff President Barack Obama has said that he intends to lift a ban of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that has been in place since August, 2001. Researchers in California have had a head start on this critical area of medical research with funding through CIRM. When Obama lifts that ban, researchers […]

CIRM Major Facilities Speed Stem Cell Science and Create Jobs

Todd Dubnicoff CIRM funded 12 new research facilities in California, a $272 million investment that leveraged $1.1 billion in donor and institutional funding. This funding has already created construction jobs for the buildings, many of which are expected to be completed in the next two years. Once built, the additional space will provide room for […]