Therapeutic/Technology: Protein/peptide therapy

Modulation of oral epithelium stem cells by RSpo1 for the prevention and treatment of oral mucositis

Research Objective Locally delivered formulation of RSpo1 protein as an activator of Lgr5+ epithelial stem cells in chemotherapy- or radiation therapy-induced oral mucositis Impact Oral mucositis Major Proposed Activities RSpo1 formulation design and selection for optimal oral delivery Activation of Wnt pathway by formulated RSpo1 in-vitro Production of RSpo1 protein Oral stem cell expansion by […]

Modulation of the Wnt pathway to restore inner ear function

Research Objective We aim to identify drug regimens that stimulate endogenous progenitors in the inner to regenerate to restore hearing or balance functions. Impact Treatment for irreversible hearing loss and balance disorders is limited, a drug regimen to reverse is highly impactful. Major Proposed Activities Production of R-spondin proteins Drug testing in neonatal cochlear cultures […]

Prodrug innovation to target muscle stem cells and enhance muscle regeneration

Research Objective To target therapeutics to muscle stem cells, the building blocks of skeletal muscle. Impact Drugs, genes and gene editing strategies can be delivered directly to muscle stem cells to alleviate disease. Major Proposed Activities Synthetic peptides based on the ectodomains of Myomaker will be synthesized, with a fluorophore conjugated for tracking. Alternatively, anti-Myomaker […]

IND-enabling Studies of Wearable Evolve-FSTL1 for Cardiac Regeneration after MI

Translational Candidate The therapeutic candidate is the Regencor’s proprietary Cardio-Regenerative Factor (FSTL1.37) formulated in the Wearable Injector Evolve-FSTL1. Area of Impact The targeted area of impact is to restore cardiac function and reduce progression to heart failure in patients after myocardial Infarction Mechanism of Action FSTL1.37 activates the controlled proliferation of progenitor heart cells within […]

Clinical Translation of hESC-derived protein therapy that positively regulates the regenerative capacity of post-natal muscle for treating DM1 

Translational Candidate We engineered a human embryonic stem cell-secreted signaling protein into a biologic for treatment of skeletal muscle disorders. Area of Impact Skeletal muscle disorders (including DM1 and sarcopenia) remain major unmet needs that require treatments restoring muscle strength and function. Mechanism of Action Our animal data demonstrate an endocrine stimulation by our biologic […]

IND-Enabling activities for the masked immunocytokine, QXL138AM

Therapeutic Candidate or Device QXL138AM: A Masked Immunocytokine comprising an anti-CD138 antibody fused to interferon alpha 2b, with a protease cleavable peptide mask Indication QXL138AM is for the treatment of advanced or metastatic solid tumors with CD138 expression and multiple myeloma Therapeutic Mechanism The antibody targets the tumor antigen, CD138, on the surface of tumor […]

Enhancing healing via Wnt-protein mediated activation of endogenous stem cells

All adult tissues contain stem cells. Some tissues, like bone marrow and skin, harbor more adult stem cells; other tissues, like muscle, have fewer. When a tissue or organ is injured these stem cells possess a remarkable ability to divide and multiply. In the end, the ability of a tissue to repair itself seems to […]