Project Objective: Clinical Trial, Phase 3

A hub and spoke community model to equitably deliver regenerative medicine therapies to diverse populations across four California counties

Expand capacities to deliver novel cell and gene therapy treatments to diverse communities across four California Counties (REAL: ORange, RivErside, San BernArdino, and Los Angeles). We will conduct regenerative medicine trials, train a diverse workforce, and deliver novel network offerings. UCI ASCC REAL will accelerate the delivery of regenerative medicine to all Californians, emphasizing diversity, […]

Alpha Clinic Network Expansion for Cell and Gene Therapies

The CIRM Alpha Clinic will expand capacities and workforce expertise to accelerate development, clinical testing, and dissemination of novel cell and gene therapies for a broad range of conditions that impact Californians across the lifespan and from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities. In 2020, Californians voted to increase their investment in regenerative medicine to address […]

Expansion of the Alpha Stem Cell and Gene Therapy Clinic at UCLA

The ASCC provides infrastructure and operational support across the Network to drive novel stem cell therapies from bench to bedside. The ASCC will engage underserved communities in California to increase education and access to regenerative medicine trials and therapeutics. The ASCC will accelerate the clinical trial pipeline of novel regenerative medicine therapeutics and solidify California […]

UC San Diego Health CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

1. Strengthen and expand collaborations with ASCC Network partners with lead offerings 2. Improve access to clinical trials for diverse populations 3. Expand regenerative medicine clinical trial portfolio in major UCSD ASCC focus areas, including of cancer, metabolic disease, and neurological disease Innovative stem cell and gene therapy clinical trials can be implemented and accelerated […]

Alpha Stem Cell Clinic for Northern and Central California

The UC Davis Alpha Stem Cell Clinic has improved operations and streamlined processes for conducting stem cell and gene therapy clinical trials. The current proposal will accelerate and expand our activities with a focus on reaching the underserved populations in our expansive catchment area. The UC Davis Alpha Stem Cell Clinic (ASCC) recognizes the importance […]

The City of Hope Alpha Clinic: A roadmap for equitable and inclusive access to regenerative medicine therapies for all Californians

City of Hope has long developed groundbreaking therapies, and building on that success we want to democratize cancer care by bringing therapies to patients rather than making them come to us. This will ensure that all Californians have the same access to cutting-edge care. The Alpha Clinic Network is committed to ensuring equitable access to […]

A comprehensive stem cell and gene therapy clinic to advance new therapies for a diverse patient population in California

We aim to markedly expand access of all Californians to outstanding cell and gene therapy trials for multiple conditions with unmet treatment needs. We will also contribute with excellence to the other network sites in advancing all aspects of regenerative medicine. As an ASCC, we will help advance the field for multiple diseases with unmet […]

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Alpha Stem Cell Clinic (ASCC)

We propose cell and gene therapy trial infrastructure that will focus on hereditary hematological and immunologic disorders and on anti-inflammatory lung disorders. This alpha stem cell clinic operation at UCSF will expand access to these novel cell and gene therapies to California citizens . The objective of this proposal from the Univ. of Calif., San […]

The Stanford Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

Our project objective is to develop a sustainable infrastructure and become a Northern California hub for stem cell therapies, thus both reducing current patient burden and increasing access to this treatment modality for patients with unmet medical needs. A major roadblock in stem cell therapies is confirming their efficacy in patients. The Alpha Clinic will […]

AB-205-301 Phase 3 Trial and Related Activities to Support Clinical Development of AB-205

Therapeutic Candidate or Device AB-205 is an intravenously infused medicine containing genetically modified human vascular (endothelial) cells intended to repair damaged tissue Indication Treatment to reduce/prevent severe multi-organ complications from curative high-intensity cancer treatments involving stem cell transplantation Therapeutic Mechanism AB-205 acts through paracrine effects from expression of a rich mixture of reparative proteins called […]