UC San Diego Health CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

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UC San Diego Health CIRM Alpha Stem Cell Clinic

Public Abstract:
1. Strengthen and expand collaborations with ASCC Network partners with lead offerings
2. Improve access to clinical trials for diverse populations
3. Expand regenerative medicine clinical trial portfolio in major UCSD ASCC focus areas, including of cancer, metabolic disease, and neurological disease
Statement of Benefit to California:
Innovative stem cell and gene therapy clinical trials can be implemented and accelerated within the CIRM ASCC network and will benefit the State of California by alleviating the enormous burden of devastating degenerative diseases on patients, caregivers, and health care providers. With experience garnered through 30 UCSD CIRM ASCC clinical trials, we propose to expand breakthrough ASCC trials focusing on therapeutically recalcitrant malignancies, neurological disorders, and metabolic diseases.