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With substantial spending in connection with its operations, our institution has immense economic, fiscal, and social impacts far beyond the Northridge community. Our institution has an overall economic impact of nearly $1.9. Economic output generated by our institution-related spending generated nearly $677.6 million in increased wages and earnings, raising labor income across the state. Of […]

Student Pluripotency: Realizing Untapped Undergraduate Potential in Regenerative Medicine

This program aims to identify, engage, recruit, educate, mentor, and comprehensively train a diverse group of 32 undergraduate students with the goal to develop scientific research affinity and readiness join career tracks in biotechnology, gene therapy, and regenerative medicine. Concurrently with the above planned activities, the training program will provide students with a variety of […]

COMPASS: an inclusive Pipeline for Research and Other Stem cell-based Professions in Regenerative medicine (iPROSPR)

CIRM’s role in advancing stem cell biology has generated scores of opportunities for biotech innovation in California. The state has become a world leader in regenerative medicine, spawning new companies and creating well-paid jobs that require highly qualified Californians to fill them. The raditional biology curriculum does not provide the broad perspectives or sufficient hands-on […]

Research Mentorship Program in Regenerative Medicine Careers for a Diverse Undergraduate Student Body

Our experience with first-generation and under-served students across multiple CIRM Bridges programs documents that these students progress to successful careers in regenerative medicine and that the vast majority of Bridges Interns remain in the state of California. So too, we believe our COMPASS Scholar’s Program will prepare a diverse cadre of undergraduates for careers in […]

Research Training and Mentorship Program to Inspire Diverse Undergraduates toward Regenerative Medicine Careers (RAMP)

RAMP belongs to a university that is situated in a medically-underserved region of California. And while this region also lags behind most of California in terms of economic opportunities, it is also demographically diverse. Given the local needs, our university strives to put special value on those student accomplishments that provide value for communities. RAMP […]

COMPASS Undergraduate Program

The COMPASS Undergraduate Program will provide extensive benefits to the state of California and its citizens by helping to close the equity gap in higher education and enabling community members to thrive and reach their full potential in regenerative medicine careers. The program focuses on outreach to and recruitment and retention of diverse and economically […]

Increase Diversity, Equity, and Advancement in Cell Based Manufacturing Sciences (IDEA-CBMS)

The scientific initiatives for advancing stem cell and regenerative medicine towards new therapeutics to treat human disease are being led by the state of California. These therapies are critical to society and the initiatives are driving future innovations in Biomedical sciences. As we move forward, there’s an unequivocal need for a robust talent development pipeline […]

Stem Cell Training Program at the Lundquist Institute

With the goals to recruit, train, retain, a California-based diverse stem cell workforce, and by educating the non-scientific general public on the clinical applications of stem cell research, including the ethical, legal, and social issues involved, this proposal advances the central mission of CIRM. Each of the three proposed goals addresses a specific facet of […]

CIRM Scholars Comprehensive Research Training Program

A primary goal of Proposition 14 is to continue to translate basic stem cell research to clinical applications. The disability and loss of personal freedom and earning power resulting from a disease or disorder are devastating and create a financial burden for California in addition to the suffering caused to patients and their families. Therapies […]

CIRM Training Program in Stem Cell Biology and Engineering

Chronic incurable disease inflicts a tremendous burden on the citizens of the state of California, leading to a loss of lives and costing billions of dollars in health care expenses. We lack effective treatments for heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, cancer and blinding diseases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. New treatments […]