Novel methods to eliminate cancer stem cells

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Novel methods to eliminate cancer stem cells

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Research Objective

Our goal is to develop and optimize novel drugs that can attack blood cancer stem cells. These drugs interfere with a target protein, and will prevent relapse of disease.


By targeting blood cancer stem cells, these compounds can be used to treat and prevent recurrence of cancer in patients. In the future, we will extend this use to other types of cancer.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Test several thousand chemical compounds, which are similar to drugs, for their ability to directly stop the protein from carrying out its function
  • Test a small number of compounds, some of which we have already identified, to see if they interfere with blood cancer stem cells
  • Analyze the chemistry behind the compounds that work against blood cancer stem cells, and use this knowledge to optimize and build better versions of the compounds for future clinical trials
Statement of Benefit to California:
It remains difficult for physicians to treat some forms of acute leukemia, where relapse occurs due to the persistence of leukemic stem cells. The completion of this project will lay the groundwork for future clinical development of drugs targeting these cells via a novel post-transcriptional pathway, which will benefit several thousands of Californians, including many who are from historically underserved populations, who are diagnosed with acute leukemia each year.