Neural stem cell delivered CRAd-S-pk7 oncolytic viro-immunotherapy for ovarian cancer

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Neural stem cell delivered CRAd-S-pk7 oncolytic viro-immunotherapy for ovarian cancer

Public Abstract:
Therapeutic Candidate or Device

A clinically tested tumor-tropic neural stem cell (NSC) platform for effective distribution of oncolytic virotherapy to ovarian cancer metastases.


Chemo-resistant, metastatic ovarian cancer.

Therapeutic Mechanism

CRAd-S-pk7 is a tumor specific replication-competent adenovirus driven by survivin, which is highly expressed in ovarian cancer cells. We will use our tumor-tropic NSC platform to produce the oncolytic virus within IP ovarian metastases. Viral replication will lyse tumor cells and infect neighboring cancer cells, thus amplifying its effect until reaching normal tissue. CRAd-S-pk7 will also stimulate a secondary anti-tumor immune response by exposing new tumor antigens.

Unmet Medical Need

At diagnosis, >70% of patients have abdominal metastases. Most patients develop resistance to chemotherapies, leading to a dismal 34% 5-year survival rate. New, effective options are needed. This treatment stimulates the immune system to infiltrate, recognize, and fight the tumor.

Project Objective

Active IND, ready for Phase 1 trial.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Manufacture product to supply the proposed trial.
  • Complete nonclinical safety studies.
  • Clinical protocol and IND preparation
Statement of Benefit to California:
Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic malignancy, resulting in 1,500 deaths annually in California. We anticipate that our stem cell-delivered oncolytic virotherapy will lead to a more effective, less toxic treatment for these patients that will kill even metastatic tumor foci and chemoresistant cells, improving survival of ovarian cancer patients in California.