IVD rejuvenation using iPSC-derived notochordal cells

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IVD rejuvenation using iPSC-derived notochordal cells

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Research Objective

To identify a new therapeutic agent for disc regeneration using novel pluripotent stem cells and injectable beads that support differentiation and provide biomechanical strength.


If this study is successful, we will be able to bring completely new biologically and biomechanically relevant solution to degenerated intervertebral discs.

Major Proposed Activities

  •  To optimize stem cell delivery, survival, differentiation and matrix secretion in an IVD explant
  •  To demonstrate the feasibility of stem cell regenerate intervertebral disc in a large animal model (pigs)
Statement of Benefit to California:
“My back hurts, Doc”. It’s one of the most common complaints heard by Californian family doctors. Traditional there is no good treatment today for disc degeneration. This study comes to promote future stem cell therapy for chronic back pain. Successful stem cell therapy will benefit all Californian residents by reducing workdays lose, medical costs and improving quality of life.