Generation of human universal donor iPS cells

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Generation of human universal donor iPS cells

Public Abstract:
Translational Candidate

Universal donor cell that is a genetically-engineered iPSC clone and is equipped with a safety switch.

Area of Impact

Regenerative medicine including replacement therapies affected by immune rejection by host immune cells.

Mechanism of Action

The universal donor cell mitigates immune rejection by host immune cells and is equipped with a suicide gene to remove the donor cells in case of an unwanted situation.

Unmet Medical Need

Provide iPSC clones as useful tools to the iPSC community to overcome immune rejection.

Project Objective

Generation of gene-engineered hypo-immune iPSC

Major Proposed Activities

  • Genetic engineering of our proprietary iPSC.
  • Characterization of genetic and safety status of the engineered iPSC clones.
  • Manufacturing of research-grade cell bank that will be shared with the iPSC community.
Statement of Benefit to California:
The company is building a team in California to perform the planned activities which will contribute to the state's economy. The iPSC clones generated as a result of the project will be made available to researchers in the state who have activities through CIRM and otherwise, supporting the advancement of the industry in the state.