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Developing a microglia replacement therapy
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Project Objective: 
  • To achieve homogeneous and widespread incorporation of grafted human microglia-like cells into mouse brain using non-toxic preconditioning.
Disease Focus: 
Neurological Disorders
Human Stem Cell Use: 
iPS Cell
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  • Developing a microglia replacement therapy
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Research Objective

To develop a new cell therapy for the brain by transplanting the brain's immune cells


The brain cell therapy we envision could be used to treat rare genetic metabolic diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, brain tumors, as well as common neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer's disease.

Major Proposed Activities

  • Finding the best source of human cells that can be grafted into the brain
  • Understanding the necessary steps to prepare the recipient animal before transplantation that enable the integration of grafted cells into the brain.
  • To develop a method that allows immune cell integration exclusively into the brain but not other organs
Statement of Benefit to California: 

The goal of this research is to solve several key bottlenecks for the development of a cell therapy for the brain. As California's population becomes older, neurodegenerative diseases increase steadily and are predicted to represent a large socio-economic burden on California's society. This project has the chance to prevent or improve age-associated brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease which would not only benefit those Californians afflicted with disease but also the society as a whole.