CIRM Funded Clinical Trials

Phase 1/1b study of T-allo10 infusion after HLA-partially matched abdepleted-HSCT in children and young adults with hematologic malignancies.

Matthew Porteus
Disease Area: 
B cell cancers
Leukemia, Acute Myeloid (AML)
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Stanford University
Trial Stage: 
Phase 1
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Dr. Maria Grazia Roncarolo and her team at Stanford will test an immunotherapy cell approach using a therapy that is enriched with specialized immune cells called type I regulatory T (Tr1) cells. These cells will be infused into the patient following the bone marrow transplant. Both the Tr1 cells and the bone marrow will come from the same donor. The hope is this will help provide the patient’s immune system with these regulatory cells to combat life-threatening graft versus host disease and increase the success of treatment and bone marrow (HSCT) transplant.