Webinar: Reimbursement Strategies for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Therapies

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Reimbursement Strategies Webinar

Planning Your Payment Strategy in Early Product Development

Webinar Information:

The webinar was held on June 20, 2013.  Please click here to watch a recording of the web on our website, including the question and answer section in the last 10 minutes of the presentation. (A version of the webinar is also available on WebEx)

Slides from the webinar are also available for download


Expert Speakers:

  • Michael Werner, J.D., Executive Director, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine; Partner at Holland & Knight, LLP
  • Randy Fenninger, J.D., Principal, Creek Crossing Advisors


  • Primer on coding, coverage and payment rules and processes that determine whether a regenerative medicine product will be reimbursed
  • Understanding why you should develop and adopt a reimbursement strategy early in product development
  • Understand how your reimbursement strategy and regulatory strategy coincide
  • Understand how new reimbursement rules and payment models such as ACOs, payment bundling, and comparative effectiveness analysis will affect regenerative medicine technologies and develop strategies to succeed.
  • Questions and Answers


Date Published: May 24, 2013
Last Modified: February 5, 2015