October 2009 Digest

October Digest

On October 28, CIRM announced the recipients of the Disease Team Research Awards, which provide up to $20 million for teams of researchers intending to move a therapy to FDA filing for a clinical trial within four years. Of the 14 awards, four went to teams that include international partners in Canada and the UK.


CIRM continued building relationships with international partners in October, signing an agreement with China to collaborate on stem cell research.

October also brought good news for students in California: Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB471, mandating that all students in California learn about stem cell science.

Robert Klein, Chair of the CIRM Governing Board, was honored this month for his work leading the campaign for Proposition 71, which created CIRM.

New Videos

CIRM released two new videos, one celebrating Stem Cell Awareness Day and one discussing progress toward a stem cell-based therapy for macular degeneration.

  • Stem Cell Awareness Day 2009

  • Progress and Promise in Macular Degeneration