May 2012 Newsletter

CIRM May Newsletter

CIRM Releases New Initiative to Engage Industry in Stem Cell Therapies

On April 17th, CIRM unveiled the Strategic Partnership Awards Initiative to attract industry engagement and investment in CIRM-funded stem cell research. The initiative aims to enable companies to achieve, in 4 years or less, the completion of early phase clinical trials in patients. CIRM plans to issue 3 or more awards of up to $10 million each. CIRM held a webinar on April 25th for prospective applicants to address questions about the RFA and application process.

2011 Annual Report Now Available

In April, CIRM released it's 2011 annual report which highlights the agency's accomplishments in creating jobs, speeding research and making progress toward therapies over the past year. 

Buck Institute Celebrates Grand Opening of CIRM-Funded Facility

On April 16th, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging opened their CIRM-funded facility. This is one of 12 buildings funded in part by CIRM that leveraged more that $800 million private and institutional funding.

Healing Bones with Stem Cells: CIRM Spotlight Videos Now Available

On March 21, 2012, the CIRM board governing heard from UC Davis researchers who are using bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells to develop new methods for repairing bone deformities and non-healing bone fractures. A clinical trial participant who has benefited from these new methods also spoke. The videos of the seminar are now available online.

CIRM President's April Stem Cell Research Picks

Each month CIRM President Alan Trounson reports on advances in stem cell science by highlighting recently published papers from CIRM grantees and other leading research teams around the world. This month's report includes two CIRM-funded studies that demonstrate the ability to directly convert endogenous cells to cell types that improve heart disease and osteoarthritis in animals. These results suggest the potential of treating disease by deploying the body's own stem cells rather than having to transplant new tissue.

Institute of Medicine Holds Public Review of CIRM

On April 10th, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) held its third public meeting as part of its independent review of CIRM's programs, operations, strategies, and performance. The committee heard a range of perspectives on CIRM. Individuals from academia, industry, and the public were invited to share their thoughts. Links to audio recordings of the meeting are provided on our blog.

Upcoming Events


Public Webinar: Focus on the Eye

May 2nd 10am-12pm (Pacific): CIRM will host a free webinar about the issues and challenges of developing therapies for retinal disorders. Speakers will include the FDA, executives from Advanced Cell Technology, who currently have three open human embryonic stem cell-based clinical trials, and the principal investigator of a CIRM Disease Team who is focusing on age-related macular degeneration. Click here to register

ICOC Governing Board Meeting

May 24: The CIRM governing board will hold its third meeting of 2012 in San Francisco. You can get location and agenda details by watching our meetings page. The agenda will be posted 10 days before the meeting. You can also sign up to receive announcements about CIRM meetings on our website.  

Upcoming Requests for Applications (RFAs) Deadlines