February 2010 Digest

CIRM February Digest

In February CIRM launched an on-line stem cell education portal. The extensive set of course materials and activity resources will help high school and other educators prepare the youth of California to join the fast-growing biotech economy and help that sector find the workers its leaders say are already in short supply.

This curriculum is referred to in Senate Bill 471 (Romero, Steinberg and Torlakson), the California Stem Cell and Biotechnology Education and Workforce Development Act of 2009, which was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2009. It requires the California Department of Education (CDE) to collaborate with the Stem Cell Agency and the biotech industry to include stem cell science and biotechnology in existing career development programs. It also requires the CDE to post on its web site and provide to teachers and school districts CIRM's model curriculum on stem cell science.


At the February 4 Governing Board meeting in San Francisco, board members voted to authorize $40 million to fund up to 20 Tools and Technologies II Awards for new stem cell therapeutic tools. This is the second round of these awards, which are expected to drive significant new economic activity, generating additional tax revenues and jobs in California’s fast growing biotechnology sector.

CIRM sent an open letter to Senator Alquist regarding SB 1064. provide important information regarding the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (“CIRM”), its success in providing jobs for Californians, and its positive impact on the State’s general fund.


CIRM released RFA 10-01: CIRM Early Translational II Research Awards, which are intended to support projects that enable the initial stage of translating research to the clinic.