April 2011 Digest

CIRM April Digest

¿Habla Español? CIRM Stem Cell Basics now in Spanish

In April, CIRM announced a Spanish translation of the stem cell basics primer on the CIRM website. This primer provides basic stem cell definitions as well as descriptions of how stem cells can improve human health.

Lee el manual de conceptos básicos sobre células madre

April Stem Cell Picks: Guest Blog by CIRM President Alan Trounson

Each month or so, CIRM President Alan Trounson highlights what he thought were the most important stem cell research journal articles over that time frame. In a guest CIRM Research Blog, Trounson explained his reasoning behind choosing his April stem cell picks. 

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New CIRM Spotlight Videos

Videos of CIRM's "Spotlight on Cardiovascular Therapies" seminar are now posted. The videos feature UC Davis researchers Douglas Boyd and Yung-Wei Chi who are developing stem cell-based treatments to repair damaged heart tissue and to prevent amputations due to peripheral arterial disease. Patient advocate Jeanette Owens also spoke about living with peripheral arterial disease and her hopes for stem cell treatments.

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