April 2010 Digest

April Monthly Digest

On April 29th, the CIRM Governing Board approved funding $28 million to support 16 Basic Biology II Awards that answer fundamental questions about stem cell biology and one Leadership Award which will help recruit early to mid-career stem cell scientists to California institutions

New RFAs

In April, CIRM released a new request for applications (RFAs)the Tools and Technology II Awards. This grant will support innovative tools and technologies that aim to overcome current roadblocks in translational stem cell research. CIRM's collaborative funding partner, The Federal Ministry For Education and Research, Germany (BMBF) will participate in this RFA.

New Web Pages

In April, CIRM posted new web pages describing its funding commitments and progress toward cures in many disease areas. New disease pages will be added over time.

New Videos

CIRM released a new video about progress toward stem cell-based therapies for Huntington's disease.

Progress and Promise in Huntington's Disease

Also, video of CIRM's Spotlight on Cancer Stem Cells presented last December by Dr. Michael Clarke is now posted.


A series of town hall forums were presented in Los Angeles and San Diego to update Californians on the progress toward moving stem cell therapies to the cliniic. The last forum of the series will be presented in San Francisco on June 15th.


In mid-April, CIRM hosted the webinar, "Issue in Product Characterization" as sponsor of the Regenerative Medicine Consortium.  This group aims to provide a forum for companies, academic and funding institutions to discuss amongst themselves or with the FDA the development of well defined regulatory pathways for stem cell therapies.