Video Topic: Stem Cells in Your Face

Eyeing Stem Cell Therapies for Vision Loss

Stem Cells in Your Face, Episode 3: Eyeing Stem Cell Therapies for Vision Loss. Written and narrated by Kevin McCormack. Directed and edited by Todd Dubnicoff. Eye anatomy animations by Additional graphics by Todd Dubnicoff. More than seven million people in the US struggle to see. While most are not completely blind, they have […]

Defeating Sickle Cell Disease with Stem Cells + Gene Therapy

Using a mix of science, humor and easy to understand language, this video describes sickle cell disease and a CIRM-funded clinical trial at UCLA that is testing a stem cell and gene therapy cure. This awful genetic disorder causes red blood cells to assume a sickle shape, clogging blood vessels and producing episodes of excruciating […]

Stem Cells in Your Face: Treating ALS with a Disease in a Dish

To a stem cell scientist, “Disease in a Dish” describes a powerful way to study human disease in the lab using a Nobel Prize winning technique. But to a non-scientist it sounds more like a scene from some disgusting sci-fi horror cooking show. Our latest video takes a lighthearted approach to help clear up any […]