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Facebook Live: Stem Cells and Sickle Cell Disease

More than 80,000 Americans have sickle cell disease and despite decades of research the average life expectancy has dropped from 42 years in 1995 to 39 today. It is a disease that largely targets the African-American community and, to a lesser degree, the Hispanic community.¬† In recognition of September 2018 as National Sickle Awareness Month, […]

Facebook Live: Stem Cells and ALS

This Facebook Live event, “Ask the Stem Cell Team about ALS”, aired on July 31st, 2018 and featured a conversation between Drs. Clive Svendsen, Robert Baloh from Cedars-Sinai, Dr. Ralph Kern, the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Brainstorm Therapeutics, and CIRM Senior Science Officer Dr. Lila Collins. Make sure to “like” CIRM’s […]

Facebook Live: Stem Cells and Stroke

CIRM hosted a special ‘Ask the Expert’¬†Facebook Live event on May 31st, 2018, to discuss the latest progress in the development of stem cell-based treatments for Stroke. Dr. Gary Steinberg, chair of neurosurgery at Stanford University, talked to us about his work in helping reverse the damage caused by a stroke, even for people who […]