Video Event: Spotlight: Multiple Sclerosis - Dec 2012

Advancing Toward Multiple Sclerosis Therapies Using Stem Cells

Dr. Tom Lane of the University of Utah (formerly a CIRM grantee at UC-Irvine) describes his lab’s experimental results that show a dramatic reversal in the debilitating effects of a multiple sclerosis (MS)-like illness in mice after treating them with human neural stem cells. After just two weeks, the mice—who had previously been unable to […]

Living with Multiple Sclerosis: Hope for Stem Cell Therapies | Nan Luke

For more information about CIRM-funded MS research, visit our fact sheet. In her twenties, the left side of Nan Luke’s body went numb from the bottom of her foot up to her chin. The diagnosis was multiple sclerosis (MS) and thirty years later she still experiences that numbness and has had bouts of temporary blindness, […]