Project Objective: Proof of Concept

Embryonic Stem Cells for Corneal Endothelial Degeneration

Research Objective The proposed studies will determine the optimal approaches to differentiate and transplant stem cell-derived corneal endothelial cells. Impact These data will provide foundational proof-of-concept data that will allow the rapid advance of a cell therapy towards clinical application. Major Proposed Activities Determine optimal conditions to generate human corneal endothelial cells from human stem […]

Reverse transcriptase inhibitors as a novel therapeutic approach for neurological autoimmune disorders

Research Objective We found that approved anti-retroviral drugs could stop inflammation and block neurodegeneration. We propose to validate the re-purpose efficacy of these clinically-approved retroviral drugs. Impact We have identified an unexpected cause to a brain inflammation and a potential simple treatment. Our research could help millions of patients affected by a broad range neuro-immunological […]

Novel Platforms to Enhance In Vivo Delivery of Skeletal Muscle Progenitor Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Research Objective Delivery of muscle stem cells presents a major roadblock for therapy. We explore novel approaches to increase the efficiency of delivering and monitoring muscle stem cells derived from hPSCs. Impact Development of enhanced monitoring and delivery platforms will greatly accelerate translational strategies aimed at delivering muscle stem cells for transplantation to patients with […]

Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)-on-Chip: Development and validation of a novel iPS-based microfluidic model of the human BBB

Research Objective to develop and systematically characterize a novel model of the human BBB using a microfluidic device (chip) and cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Impact The success of the proposed research will provide a novel, highly attractive model for screening of molecules to treat neurological disorders and for personalized medicine in […]

Targeting progenitors in scar tissue to reduce chronic scar burden

Research Objective Develop novel strategies to treat heart scars by targeting progenitors that replenish scars Impact There currently is no therapy for treating scar tissue in the heart or any other organ. Our proposal would lead to the development of targeted approaches to reduce scar burden. Major Proposed Activities Identify progenitors in scar tissue (murine […]

Curing bladder cancer by replacing corrupted urothelium with differentiated hES cells

Research Objective The goal of the proposed research is to use human embryonic stem cells to generate bladder epithelial progenitor cells that can be used to replace a cancerous bladder epithelium in vivo. Impact The long-term goal of the proposed research is to cure bladder cancer. Successful completion of this work may indicate that transplantation […]

Autologous iPSC-based therapy for radiation induced bladder injury

Research Objective To explore if iPSC-based therapy can prevent bladder damage due to radiation therapy, thereby limiting the unintended consequences of treatments for prostate, gynecologic and colorectal cancers. Impact This therapy impacts cancer survivors by preventing the permanent debilitating urinary symptoms due to radiation therapy. Currently there are no therapies to prevent radiation bladder damage. […]

iPS-Interneuron Transplantation for Neural Repair after Stroke

Research Objective To determine if transplantation of iPS-interneurons cells (iPS-3i cells) enhances functional recovery in stroke. Impact Successful completion of the proposed studies will develop a brain repair therapy for stroke, an unmet clinical need with significant impact on society. Major Proposed Activities To determine the recovery effect of transplantation of iPS-3i cells in the […]

Examining the efficacy of GDF11 antibody as a rejuvenator of aged human muscle stem cell capacity and muscle repair .

Research Objective To examine the efficacy of blocking blood borne GDF11 activity to rejuvenate aged human muscle stem cell regenerative capacity. Impact This project will provide a proof-of-principle that GDF11 inhibition can boost aged human skeletal muscle repair, and facilitate its translational potential. Major Proposed Activities Determine GDF11 protein levels in human sera as a […]

Exosomal Y-RNAs as mediators of bioactivity of cardiac-derived cell therapy

Research Objective We propose to dissect the contribution of Y-RNAs, small non-coding RNA species enriched in CDC-exosomes, in mediating the effect of CDC-exosomes on cardioprotection and macrophage polarization. Impact Examining the contribution of highly represented RNA species in CDC-exo could allow a better understanding of the mechanism of action of CDC-exo and modulation of their […]