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Training Masters Students to Advance the Regenerative Medicine Field

Our proposed training program is an interdisciplinary Specialization in Regenerative Medicine, offered within the masters of science (MS) degrees of 3 different departments from 3 academic units, and based upon over 10 years of experience directly training students in this area. The goal of our MS program is to graduate 10-11 day-one ready professionals per […]

Stem Cell Scholars: a workforce development pipeline, educating, training and engaging students from basic research to clinical translation.

The Stem Cell Scholars training program has the following three robust components to ensure its success and provide great benefit both to the students/interns and the communities that our campus serve. 1 Courses to prepare the students for research internship. Students will be trained in all aspects of stem cell biology and therapy applications. Courses […]

CSUN CIRM Bridges3.0 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Training Program

The main focus of the CIRM Bridges3.0 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Training Program is heavily weighted on goal-oriented practical laboratory training experience in stem cell biology and stem cell-based patient therapies. Our program is integrated with educational, ethical, and guidance features for highly qualified and culturally diverse senior undergraduate students. Our internship-host institution provides […]

CIRM Graduate Student Training in Stem Cell Sciences in the Stem Cell Technology and Lab Management Emphasis of the MS Biotechnology Program

CSUCI has led the way in developing the most successful professional biotechnology master’s program in the California State University system, as well as an innovative Master of Science (MS) Biotechnology and MBA dual degree program. The degree structure permits students to custom-design their curriculum under an advisor’s guidance, making the degree especially relevant for students […]

CIRM Bridges Science Master’s Program

Situated in the epicenter of biotechnology and stem cell research, our university is ideally suited to house the proposed CIRM Bridges 2.0 program, which will contribute to the growth of an important sector of the local economy and the life science workforce. Our university is known for its academic excellence, equity, and efforts as a […]

Strengthening the Pipeline of Master’s-level Scientific and Laboratory Personnel in Stem Cell Research

The applicant institution will partner with a CIRM Major Facility to create a comprehensive program that will produce 50 master’s degree graduates with the scientific foundation, research experience, and laboratory skills to pursue careers in stem cell research. Graduates of the Stem Cell Master’s Program will develop knowledge and skills required for basic research, as […]

Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-based Learning ( SCILL) continue to expand the scientific workforce for stem cells research and therapies .

The San José State University Stem Cell Internships in Laboratory-based Learning (SJSU SCILL) is a consortium of scientists, faculty, and administrative leaders from Bay Area institutions who have made a commitment to training students at the graduate level for careers in stem cell biology. Graduates from this program will advance and accelerate stem cell therapies […]

CIRM Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research Biotechnology Training Program

The proposed program will train exceptional and diverse students for career opportunities in the California regenerative medicine workforce, to accelerate the development of stem cell-based therapies to treat or cure patients with unmet medical needs. They will be recruited from the ~2,000 students in the Departments of Chemistry and Biological Sciences at a large comprehensive […]

CIRM Bridges 3.0

In 2004 the people of California, recognizing the significance and potential of stem cell therapies for the treatment of many diseases including degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and macular degeneration, to cancer and even heart disease, passed proposition 71 to fund stem cell research and the development of stem cell therapies. The California Institute of […]

Bridges to Stem Cell Research Internship Program

The Bridges to Stem Cell Research Internship Program will build upon the past success of our ongoing Internship Program which has significantly expanded the pool of personnel with the expertise necessary to undertake careers in regenerative medicine. Highly competitive trainees will be recruited from the university’s diverse student populations, which include individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged […]