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3rd International RB conference

UCSF CIRM Building

Stem cell research at UCSF began over a quarter century ago and has produced important breakthroughs in our understanding of how tissues and organs develop. Recent advances have opened the potential for revolutionary progress in understanding, treating, and curing devastating human diseases. To accelerate the pace of research, we created a formal stem cell research […]

Broad CIRM Facility at USC

The CIRM Facility, at the School of Medicine of the Lead Institution, will be the home of the Southern California Stem Cell Scientific Collaboration (SC3), a comprehensive and integrated program of basic, pre-clinical and clinical stem cell research arising from scientific collaboration between six institutions. The scientists of SC3 bring together a diverse set of […]

UC Santa Barbara Bio Sciences II

We propose a CIRM Special Program (Research Element X), supporting basic and discovery research that will fund renovation of space to provide for the establishment of a new Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering. CIRM funding will allow us to expand our growing basic research on human embryonic stem cells (hESC) by creating a […]

UC Santa Cruz IBSC Facility

We propose a 13,200 square foot research facility dedicated to basic and discovery research in stem cell biology on the top floor of a planned, state-funded biomedical research building. The facility is designed to house six stem cell faculty and to support all institute affiliates through the establishment of several core facilities, including cell culture, […]

Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry

The promise of stem cell-based therapies is critically dependent upon being able to direct stem cell decisions (i.e., pancreatic cells for diabetes, cardiac cells for cardiac diseases, neural cells for neurodegenerative disease, etc.). A fundamental understanding of the cues in the microenvironment that guide stem cell fate decisions is essential to develop strategies for disease-directed […]

UC Irvine CIRM Institute

The Stem Cell Research Program will build upon a long history of achievement in regeneration and developmental biology. Program scientists have made key contributions to developing stem cells, understanding how and why cells are lost in aging, understanding how tissues regenerate, and developing methods to make high purity cells from human embryonic stem (hES) cells […]

UCLA CIRM Institute

OVERVIEW: The CIRM Facility will support ~19K+ ASF of laboratory and vivarium not subject to federal human embryonic stem cell (hESC) restrictions including: 1) Research labs, 2) Core facilities, and 3) Career Development space. The Facility is adjacent to biology, chemistry, engineering, medicine, and clinical/translational programs, including our Stem Cell Center (SCC), FDA compliant GMP […]

UC Berkeley CIRM Center of Excellence

The Stem Cell Center is a cornerstone program of campus biomedical research that capitalizes on our strengths in basic and preclinical research, as well as collaborations with neighboring research institutions, to support high impact investigations with several major emphases: (1) stem cell self-renewal, (2) hematopoietic differentiation, (3) neural differentiation and neurodegeneration, (4) cardiovascular and skeletal […]

UC Davis CIRM Institute

The proposed new CIRM Stem Cell Institute, to be located at a major public university, will be the center of scientific and clinical activity to bring stem cell therapies to patients in the State of California. This institution has a long-standing reputation for being highly collaborative, sharing resources and infrastructure, and for providing outreach and […]