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Internship at a Cutting Edge CIRM-funded Stem Cell Research Facility

The CIRM SPARK Program is a motivating, stimulating and rewarding experience encouraging young people from the State of California to enter the field of stem cell biology and research. This has been proven in our Stem Cell Program by five years of summer internships, starting with a pilot program conducted with four high school students […]

Mentored High School Summer Research Program

The CIRM SPARK program will be an intensive research experience for eight local high school students. This summer research training will be a prodigious addition to our existing high school outreach program, which has a track record of over 5 years of success in educating students from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, including classroom lectures, […]

Leveraging Investment in hiGHschool Training: Summer Program to Accelerate Regenerative medicine Knowledge (LIGHT a SPARK)

Children’s Hospital & Research Center at Oakland is a private non-profit hospital in Oakland, CA, one of the most socially and ethnically diverse areas of the country. Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute (CHORI) is highly ranked as one of the top recipients of NIH funding among all children’s hospitals. In 1980 CHORI developed the CHORI […]

SPARK Award Program in Stem Cell Biology for California High School Students

We propose a CIRM SPARK Award program that builds on our existing summer research program for undergraduate and high school students by offering additional elements tailored to SPARK Award students, including: : (a) a lecture series highlighting local investigators and ethical issues surrounding research on stem cells, (b) workshops to assist with their personal and […]

CIRM Bridges to Stem Cell Research and Therapy

The CIRM program in stem cell research and therapy will prepare students, including many from underrepresented and underserved communities, for jobs and careers in biology and biotechnology. The numbers of industries and laboratories centered in production and research on stem cells and gene therapies has steadily risen in California over the past few years as […]

Bridges to Stem Cell Research and Therapy: A Talent Development Program for Training Diverse Undergraduates for Careers in Regenerative Medicine

Designed specifically for a highly diverse student population, this Bridges program focuses on selecting students who are genuinely interested in advancing the field of regenerative medicine and providing them with high-impact practices such as hands-on research training, product-oriented coursework, one-on-one mentoring, soft skills development, innovative community outreach programs, and personalized patient engagement activities. At least […]

Building Career Pathways into Stem Cell Research and Therapy Development

The proposed project will build on a robust stem cell technician training program already in place at the home institution, expanding and enhancing student training with a translational focus through the implementation of 8 internship experiences each year as well as a range of other support activities. Specifically, the proposed project will: • Offer full-time […]

Training Masters Students to Advance the Regenerative Medicine Field

Our proposed training program is an interdisciplinary Specialization in Regenerative Medicine, offered within the masters of science (MS) degrees of 3 different departments from 3 academic units, and based upon over 10 years of experience directly training students in this area. The goal of our MS program is to graduate 10-11 day-one ready professionals per […]

Stem Cell Scholars: a workforce development pipeline, educating, training and engaging students from basic research to clinical translation.

The Stem Cell Scholars training program has the following three robust components to ensure its success and provide great benefit both to the students/interns and the communities that our campus serve. 1 Courses to prepare the students for research internship. Students will be trained in all aspects of stem cell biology and therapy applications. Courses […]

CSUN CIRM Bridges3.0 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Training Program

The main focus of the CIRM Bridges3.0 Stem Cell Research & Therapy Training Program is heavily weighted on goal-oriented practical laboratory training experience in stem cell biology and stem cell-based patient therapies. Our program is integrated with educational, ethical, and guidance features for highly qualified and culturally diverse senior undergraduate students. Our internship-host institution provides […]