Year 7/NCE

Public Summary of Scientific Progress: The central mission of our Berkeley CIRM Shared Stem Cell Facility (SSCF) is to provide our East Bay users with knowledge, expertise, training, and equipment to advance scientific knowledge of human embryonic, induced pluripotent, and adult stem cells. The Flow Cytometry Facility in 461 Li Ka Shing houses the CIRM funded cell sorter. The B129 Stanley suite contains cell culture hoods, four incubators, and other essential lab equipment. The SSCF also has an automated wide field ImageXpress Micro, and two analytical flow cytometers, and a 2-photon and confocal fluorescence microscope. In B203 Stanley, there is a BioRad BioPlex MAGPIX reader for magnetic bead–based multiplexed immunoassays. We have reached a steady state usage of ~90 students and postdoctoral fellows from the laboratories of 25 PIs. Based on the interests of the users, we have continued in Year 7NCE to maintain state of the art instrumentation for the research community by using some of Year6 funds to help bridge salary and instrument service contract funding from CIRM funding to alternatives. We are committed to continuing operating this facility, as it has become an important resource to the UC Berkeley research community.

The previously highlighted PIs continue to have success using SSCF instrumentation and we would like to highlight publications by researchers who have made significant advancements to their research.


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