Year 7/NCE

The Stanford CIRM Training Grants I and II have supported scientific training in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine from 2006 through 2015. CIRM has discontinued the Training Grant program in California but during the 9-year term of operation, the CIRM training awards supported one of the most scientifically and clinically productive training programs at the Stanford School of Medicine. Over the entire 9 year training program, the CIRM Training Grant awards at Stanford have attracted a total of 70 trainees. Of these, 24 are now independent faculty-level scientists or practicing physicians who hold appointments at Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and many other leading biomedical research institutions in the US and abroad. Many trainees will be continuing their graduate or postdoctoral training and in the last 3 years of support under the CIRM Training Grant II program, the Stanford Training Grant has enabled 18 doctoral students, 8 clinical fellows, and 6 postdoctoral fellows to begin their specialized training. These 32 trainees have subsequently authored or co-authored more than 46 scientific publications that highlight fundamental biological advances and the translation of stem cell technologies into new clinical and biomedical applications. Overall, the CIRM training programs at Stanford have been extraordinarily successful in bringing new professionals into the rapidly expanding new discipline of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine.