Year 7/NCE

No cost extension – ending 08/31/2016
Over the past few years, the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Shared Research Lab (SRL) has been involved with human pluripotent stem cell research and rodent embryonic stem cell research with CHLA and USC research institutions.

The CHLA (SRL) provides comprehensive support for researchers in the Los Angeles area, offering services including quality controlled cells and reagents, shared equipment, laboratory space, technical assistance, consultation, biobanking and training. Although the CHLA SRL does not run a formal CIRM funded techniques course, CHLA offers one on one training to investigators wishing to learn pluripotent stem cell culture techniques. We also offer a 2.5 day basic cell culture course for investigators needing an introduction to the techniques required to work with these culturing systems.

The stem cell core was invited to lecture with the CDC’s Maternal Child Health Careers/Research Initiatives for Student enhancement-Undergrad Program (MCHC/RISE-UP). We gave a tour of the stem cell lab, explaining the different areas of research, and gave a lecture on the fundamentals of stem cells.