Year 7

This is one of the most successful publicly funded training programs, with 95% of HSU CIRM Bridges trainees finding employment in the biotechnology industry, stem cell related research centers or acceptance to top professional and graduate programs. The program has provided a unique opportunity for many of our students to be part of innovative research groups in excellent institutions like UCSF, Stanford and UC Davis, growing in leaps and bounds as scientists in less than a year! Their success in gaining admission to prestigious graduate/professional programs or being employed in the field is a testament to the efficacy of the program. At the institutional level, the program has provided the impetus to establish a vibrant stem cell training program on campus that continues to attract a large number of undergraduates to the field of regenerative medicine. The incorporation of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine into general education courses helps us inform a large number of non-science majors on these critical topics, focusing on the study of many heretofore “incurable” ailments like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s, in addition to providing a forum for the discussion of the ethical and social issues involved. By incorporating stem cell biology and regenerative medicine into general education courses, we hope to increase the awareness of CIRM and its effort to develop stem cell based therapies not only for degenerative diseases but also variety of other human ailments.