Year 6

Our program provides training in scientific, ethical and regulatory concepts for future stem cell researchers at several stages of their professional development. Annually five students working towards the PhD degree, eight postdoctoral fellows undertaking additional training before becoming independent scientists, and three physicians building academic careers in medical research are selected as CIRM Scholars through a highly competitive application process. The CIRM Scholars are primarily engaged in performing research, and through their creativity and diligence, are essential contributors to numerous ongoing stem cell research projects funded by CIRM and by other biomedical research funding agencies. They make important discoveries that are published in scientific journals, participate in the development of intellectual property, and contribute to the training of undergraduate students.

The CIRM Scholars program attracts to California highly talented aspiring stem cell scientists from around the world. As their training progresses, they develop into independent scientists who will direct their own stem cell research programs at universities, research institutes, and biomedical technology and pharmaceutical companies. Many will stay in California after the completion of their training, contributing to the strength of our high technology economy and outstanding higher education infrastructure