Year 5

The Master of Arts Stem Cell Concentration is a Professional Science Masters (PSM) embracing a twenty month program of study. A program that includes a core of 14 units of graduate courses in research methods, cellular and molecular biology, and 8 units of internship; 6 units of graduate elective courses; and 2 units of the culminating master’s project experience. Integrated into the curriculum is a seven month, full-time internship, a CIRM Bridges program with the UC Davis Institute of Regenerative Cures (IRC), and a Stem Cell Techniques Training Course taken at the Buck Institute for Age Research. The PSM is intended to prepare graduates for careers as staff research associates in cutting edge research laboratories, as laboratory managers in stem cell and biotechnology laboratories, and as excellent doctoral candidates in the biosciences. To date, Sacramento has graduated 4 cohorts of Stem Cell Masters resulting in 18 academic staff researchers, 5 individuals working in stem related industry positions, 4 PhD students, 1 medical student, 4 clinical laboratory scientists, and 3 graduates working in non-stem cell positions. These outcomes for our graduates to date indicate over 90% of our students are entering directly or indirectly into stem cell research related fields.