Year 5

The TSRI Shared Laboratory and Training Center serves the scientific community with cutting edge technology and training, and serves the public by providing laboratory tours, public lectures, and special events for public education.

New scientific collaborations were established in the past year and there are currently more than 45 active collaborations with local and international researchers. These groups were remarkably productive in their research, publishing scientific results in many top-tier scientific journals. We have also been able to leverage the shared lab infrastructure to attract additional funding. In our five years of funding, the shared lab infrastructure has facilitated approximately $33 million in outside funding from the NIH, foundations, and philanthropy, which is more than thirteen-fold the investment made in the shared labs by CIRM.

The center remains active in Cell Biology, Genomics, and High-Throughput Screening (HTS). The training courses now include training in induced pluripotent stem cell technology. The courses included training for several Bridges to Stem Cell Research groups, local graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

We plan to maintain our level of involvement with the public, and will participate in events organized for and by interested lay people.