Year 4

The USC Stem Cell Core Shared Research Laboratory (SRL), located at the Eli Edythe Broad CIRM center, is a comprehensive support center and central hub for researchers working with stem cells. This laboratory functions to accelerate research involving pluripotent stem cells through the provision of cells, reagents, equipment, technical assistance, training and shared laboratory space. This year we added a new iPSC derivation service to our repertoire of research support services. The SRL has provided support to over 30 laboratories undertaking a diverse range of projects in the fields of stem cell and developmental biology, regenerative and translational medicine, epigenetics, reprograming, cancer biology, biochemistry and bioengineering. We offer a comprehensive hPSC techniques course and customized ‘modular’ training program to researchers and CIRM bridges students throughout the LA area. We also run a high school science education and outreach program called the EiHS Summer program in stem cell research, in collaboration with a CIRM funded creativity award. Together these programs enable over 20 students to participate in laboratory research and classroom based forums focusing on stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

The SRL also operates a research and development program which validates new technologies for maintaining and manipulating human pluripotent stem cells. We are currently working to centralize methods for genetically modifying hPSC’s. In collaboration with other USC researchers the SRL is working to make transgenic hPSC lines carrying neural reporter genes available to the research community. We are also addressing key issues regarding the in vitro requirements for hPSC during single cell plating.