Year 4

The Data Coordination and Management Core (DCM) has continued to bring in a large amount of data over the past six months. We’ve brought in data for a new lab (Chi), brought in 10x data (Bruneau, Chi and Corn), and extended data sets for thirteen (13) more labs (Bruneau, Chi, Corn, Crooks, Fan, Frazer, Geschwind, Jones, Kriegstein, Loring, Snyder, Weissman, Yeo). We are in the process of bringing in new data for four additional labs (Kriegstein, Quake, Clarke, Sanford).

The Data Curation Group (DCG) has now completely shifted its attention from establishing metadata standards to developing supportive informatics tools for the analysis of collaborator and compendium datasets. In the next year, the DCG will work to solidify the methodologies it has experimented with so they can be incorporated into SCHub pipelines. As much of the code and models will also be coordinated with a new parallel effort that is part of a newly launched Chan-Zuckerberg Institute initiative on which the Stuart, Kent, and Schauermann labs participate as funded contributing projects.