Year 4

Our CIRM Bridges program serves a highly diverse student population. The CIRM Bridges program funds master-level students that are in either our Masters of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology with an emphasis in Stem Cell Biology (MS program) or our Professional Science Masters with a concentration in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine (PSM program). Both programs involve core lecture and laboratory courses in developmental, molecular, and cell biology as well as bioethics and scientific writing taught by faculty who are experts in their field. PSM students will also take business and biotechnology courses while MS students will begin their internship in their first year of the master’s program. During the summer after completing their first year of the program, 10 students will be funded with a 12-month CIRM Bridges fellowship. These CIRM fellows will participate in a week-long intensive Stem Cell Laboratory course taught by faculty at an R01 institution where students will learn to propagate, maintain, and manipulate human embryonic stem cells. During the second year of the program, when these students are funded by CIRM, they will focus all of their effort in conducting stem-cell oriented research projects at leading academic and research institutes. Throughout their time in this master’s program the student receive academic and research mentorship through individual and group monthly meetings. Upon completion of the program these students are well-prepared to continue their education in PhD or health-related graduate programs as well as enter the biotechnology workforce.