Year 3

Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) has continued to generate passage 5 iPSC lines from donor samples submitted to us by Tissue Collectors throughout the state of California. Many of these donors suffer from a variety of multigenic disorders and high-quality iPSC lines should prove invaluable in improving our understanding of these devastating diseases in addition to providing a starting point for the discover of effective therapeutics. By the end of year three, we have generated iPSC clones from 1737 donor samples (out of 2670 received). Because of delays in receiving donor samples from our Tissue Collectors we have requested and received a one-year No Cost Extension to complete the activities associated with the grant by 30 November 2017. The iPSC lines generated under this grant are used to generate passage 10 Distribution Lines for deposit at Coriell, where they are made available to scientists around the world. CDI is Coriell’s subcontractor responsible for generating the Dsitribution Lines. To date 1413 Distribution Lines have been transferred to Coriell. We will continue to add Distribution Lines to the Coriell/CIRM Repository over 2017.