Year 2

In this grant we proposed to genetically engineer human embryonic stem cells (hESC) and hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) and to use them to produce T cells with enhanced ability to kill melanoma cells. Our proposal consists of several steps. In the first year of the grant, we completed the first step and introduced the genes for a melanoma specific T cell receptor (TCR) into hESC and HSC. In this, second year of funding we were able to generate genetically modified T cells from hESC and HSC and to characterize the HSC-derived cells in more details. We found that HSC-derived T cells carrying the new TCR are indistinguishable from normal T cells, based on the cell surface expression of other T cell specific proteins. Also, we found that they can kill human melanoma cells in a Petri dish. We are currently evaluating their ability to destroy tumors in experimental animals transplanted with human melanoma cells. This is a more relevant approach as it mimics the potential treatment of melanoma patients. We are also trying to obtain larger numbers of the genetically modified hESC-derived T cells and analyze them in the same types of assays. Our data are encouraging and suggestive of possible clinical application of these cells in future.